Trend Alert: The “Jegging”

December 28, 2009

Yes the Jegging, the hybrid word of jeans and leggings.  They’re an even skinnier skinny jean made out of stretch fabric so you’re able to move comfortably without a lot of restriction.  They’re huge this season on and off the runway and for a good reason.  I just purchased my first pair of Seven Jeggings at Nordstrom and was really skeptical about all the hype surrounding them.  Turns out that they’re actually really comfortable and not to mention extremely versatile.  I’m able to wear them like jeans paired with a simple top without having to cover up my backside like I would with leggings, but I’m also able to wear them under a dress or long flowy top.  You can dress them up by wearing them with a cute pair or heels or dress boots, or dress them down with a pair of flats or riding boots.  If you’re self-conscious about the way you might look in them, no need to worry because they actually seem to shape and lift your backside in an unexpected but flattering way. So in short, if you’re on the fence about this new trend, I highly recommend you add the “Jegging” to your wardrobe this Spring.


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