A Hope for Autism Fundraiser

March 27, 2010

Hitched Weddings & Events is proud to be working on a new fundraiser:

A Hope for Autism.

April is National Autism Awareness Month

A Hope for Autism Foundation is hosting a black tie charity dinner, fashion show and silent auction event at the Benson Hotel on Saturday, April 10, 2010  at 6:30pm with a private performance by musical guest Journey.  I would like to ask you to support our foundation’s “kick-off” event and help make a difference in the lives of many families and children with Autism.

Founded in 2009 by Gayle Woodruff-mom and Robbin Sobatka-Soles-BCBA, A Hope for Autism is Oregon’s first non-profit program for children with autism. As a mom of two, Gayle became introduced to autism in 2003 when her son Miles was born.  Out of desperation to find out how to care for her son, Gayle flew around the country from one specialist to another until she assembled the best team possible. Today, Gayle lives in Lake Oswego with her kids and wants to share all of her knowledge with other families struggling with the daily challenges of Autism.
“Oregon has one of the highest rates of Autism in the United States*, and the Spectrum Disorder is the world’s fastest growing developmental disability. Each child with ASD varies in their ability to learn, communicate and relate to others. A Hope for Autism provides consultation for families setting up custom home programs, family support, training, supervision and in-home treatment.  All proceeds from our event go directly to A Hope For Autism Foundation, a Portland based nonprofit organization that provides scholarships for direct support and services to families affected by Autism.
National Statistics of Children Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder:
1980:  1 in 5000 children
1990:  1 in1000 children
2000:  1 in 500 children
2007:  1 in 150 children
2010:  1 in 110 Children

*Source –Thoughtful House Center for Children, 2010,http://www.fightingautism.org/idea/autism-state-rankings-prevalence.php

A Hope For Autism

Black Tie Charity Event
Saturday April 10, 2010
The Benson Hotel
6:30 pm
Dinner.  Fashion show. Silent Auction, Private performance with Deen Castrovono and Jonathan Cain of Journey

To purchase tickets please go to www.ticketsoregon.org


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